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About Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu, Warrington

Wing Chun Kung Fu as a regular pastime is fun and offers a healthy focus. It can help you to master your body, your mind, your emotions, your personal power, clarity peace and happiness!

It will keep you fit and healthy, reduce stress and increase your energy levels. It will provide you with added confidence fortified with real physical skill. Individuals of all ages and abilities can practice Wing Chun, by practicing regularly with the right instruction and direction, it can make you smarter and develop you as a happier healthier human being, an endeavour that is a benefit to us all.

We deliver a cutting-edge syllabus offering, no nonsense Kung Fu for the modern world.

·         Practical efficient close range combat

·         Superb training methods for personal development

·         Heightened fitness and confidence

·         Improve speed, power, balance and precision

·         Improve refex awareness and focus

·         Challenge yourself in a safe environment

We offer a skillset for the protection of your health and your loved ones to produce confident individuals capable of dealing with violent confrontation in a warm and friendly environment.

Sifu John Lobb trainingWing Chun Kung Fu is a close quarters combat system from China used for fighting in confined spaces and stopping violent confrontation quickly and efficiently. It is the same system that Bruce Lee learnt whilst living in Hong Kong and as my Grand Master Wong Shun Leung was one of Bruces biggest influences, arguably the syllubus we teach here is as close as it gets to the training shared between Sigung Wong and Bruce Lee in his early years..

Beginners will benefit from the friendly assisstance of my team, backed up with regular discussion so you are clear on what you are learning and capable to apply yourself as required.

Wing Chun is an excellent way to stay fit and healthy as well as building up your self confidence whilst learning how to protect yourself

If you like to challenge yourself by being active and learning new skills, if you have a taste for martial arts and would like to expand your knowledge and skillset, Wing Chun is very much suited to you.

You may feel you have gone as far as you can go with your present teacher, of you may be a mature martial artist seeking a deeper understanding of martial skill, maybe you have been injured through full contact fighting, or maybe after a number of years you are just sick and tired of kicking that heavy bag. If this is the case, the training here is capable of drawing on your strengths and providing you with new skills to throw a second wind into your martial arts sails.

Sifu Gary Lam, Sifu Hawkins Cheung, Sifu John Lobb

Gary Lam Wing Chun Kung Fu Warrington is the longest standing public school in the UK to offer the Gary Lam Wing Chun Curriculum. With four members of the team living training and grading at the Los Angeles Head Quarters, we boast the most concentrated adoption of Sifu Garys method inside the British Isles . We are situated at Dragon Martial Arts Centre in our Warrington Gym.

If you wish to learn Kung Fu in Warrington, please take some time to visit the pages of this site or contact Coach John Lobb for further information.

Kind regards

Sifu John Lobb